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Location and sights

The neighborhood of Anemomylos


Anemomylos is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Corfu town. At the edge of Garitsa Bay and just 1500 meters from the city center, Liston and the historic Campiello, an UNESCO Heritage Site, is the ideal vacation spot.

A walk in the Garitsa Grove, by the sea, under the centuries-old eucalyptus trees, a swim in the beach of Anemomylos, a  walk or cycling in the gardens of Mon Repos, a tour in Paleopolis and the Byzantine churches, are just some of the activities that one can have in this neighborhood.

The area of Garitsa fifty years ago was a place with industries and low houses inhabited by workers and fishermen.  At present, on its seafront and streets there are picturesque taverns, small restaurants and nice cafes.

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