The apartment, Garitsa Bay and the "Anemomylos" (the windmill)


Garitsa Bay Apartment is placed at the edge of a picturesque bay just opposite the Old Fortress of Corfu.

Next to the apartment is the "Anemomylos", one of the few staying windmills in the island of Corfu. Built about in the 17nt century, it is now used for exhibitions and cultural happenings. 

Nearby is a public beach, a park promenade and a lot of cafes, restaurants & taverns.


The Garitsa Bay

Sights , nearby attractions & activities

The Mon Repos villa

The Mon Repos villa & the gardens


About 300 m away from the apartment, lies the famous Mon Repos Villa and its beautiful gardens.

Built in the early 18th century from the British Lord Frederic Adam as a summer residence, it was used through the centuries as a residence of British governors, the Greek Royal family, but also visited by empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sissy) and many other royals.

You can walk around and relax under its high trees and the greenery, visit the villa (today used as an archeological museum) or swim in the picturesque Mon Repos Beach.

Opposite the Mon Repos gardens are the ruins of the ancient Paleopolis (600 b.c.) , the tomb of Menekratis, the temple of goddess Artemis (Diana) and the ruins of the Paleopolis Basilika (500 a.c.).

The Mon Repos gardens

Nearby  beaches


The windmill quay (50 m from the apartment) or the small Garitsa beach at the edge of the bay (100 m.)

If you walk to Mon Repos, after about 800m trip through the gardens you can visit the picturesque Mon Repos beach where the old trees reach the water!

The Windmill quay

The Mon Repos beach

The Garitsa beach

Local Restaurants , Cafe & Taverns


In the area around the apartment you will find a lot of restaurants, nice local taverns, cafes and bars to relax, eat fish or local food and enjoy a coffee or a cocktail.

You can also find mini markets (open until late in the evening) where you can shop every day’s necessities. 

Kanoni, Vlacherena island & Mouse island


About 2 Km far, at the edge of Kanoni hill there are the two famous small islands: The Vlaxerena Island and the Mouse Island.

You can visit the Vlaxerena Island walking through the small quay, with its historical church and monastery (built in the 17th century).

From there you can see the famous Mouse Island with its old trees and the monastery (built in the 18th century). The island is a natural monument and is visible only under conditions.

Vlaxerena island and the Mouse island

Campielo - the old city of Corfu and the Fortress


About 1.5 Km from the apartment is the historical old town of Corfu, UNESCO’s World Heritage Monument.

You can walk through the park or beside the sea or take a bus (the bus stop is in front of your apartment). 

The old town of Corfu is famous and one of the most beautiful towns  in Greece. You can walk through the small backstreets, visit the museums, historical places, churches and the fortresses.

There are many shopping opportunities and you can enjoy a meal, a coffee or a drink in one of the many beautiful cafes, local taverns and restaurants.

The Fortress

Backstreets in Campielo

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